A Cry for Africa My Motherland


Photo: Gambian Refugees return from Senegal after Jammeh flees into exile

African politics has turned into bloodshed and misery for Africans. Is it because of the self-interests of its leaders or the interferences of white masters of mystery?
A lot of the bloodshed in Africa is as a result of the politics. Casing study; the Gambia, Mali, Congo, South Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, and Somalia among other nations where the people are forced to flee their homelands or become casualities of war. With war, businesses are at stake, the spread of diseases is rampant and the terror of conflicts greatly affects the innocent like the Chibok girls of Nigeria who are suffering persecution, rape, and defilement at the hands of the Boko Haram militant groups.
The nature of African leaders has become a song of unpredictability and whoever comes in power pledges to be the new liberator but ends up betraying the cause.
Was it logical or fair for former dictator, Yahya Jammeh to flee into exile a very rich man at the expense of the country? Jammeh ruled Gambia for 22 years. “The coffers are virtually empty, within two weeks; 500 million dalasi (over $10 million) have been withdrawn,” Mai Ahmad Fatty adviser to new President Adama Barrow said. It took the intervention of African leaders, ECOWAS bloc, the United Nations, and a military action among others to rightfully instate the democratically elected President, Adama Barrow following Jammeh’s refusal to concede defeat.
Terrorism and pro-government activism have also become the order of the day in Africa. For example, the January attacks in Mali where the natives were victims of a pro-government militia in which fourteen members were killed in an attack that was blamed on former rebels. This occurred three days after a suicide bombing by Jihadists against a group of rival factions leaving somewhat 80 people dead. Again, innocent people were causalities of the political conflicts.
Violation of the constitution has become casual business to African Heads of State. There is an urgent need to revive our motherland Africa or else it will be of no value to future generations.

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