KIU Protégés: A Record of Excellence with Dr. Derrick Ssekajubo



By Alex Kamukama

If you looked inside a dictionary for the definition of excellence, you would find a picture of Dr. Derrick Ssekajugo. So for this issue of The KIU Giraffe Times piece, we had to catch up with the man, the myth and the legend.

KGT: Tell us about your background and how you joined Kampala International University (KIU)?

Dr. Ssekajugo: I am a hard worker, self made and a story of myself. This is something that has been a part of me since I was in Nursery School in 1988. I was always the best student in class and I maintained that level of performance through Primary and Secondary School. In 2002, I joined KIU where I completed, top of my class, with a Bachelor of Arts with Education. 

I was then retained as a Teaching Assistant in November, 2015. The Board of Trustee’s KIU noticed my accomplishments and gave me a scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts in Economics which I was blessed to finish in record time. This achievement was followed by my appointment to the Assistant Lecturer position. 

In 2008, I started my Ph.D and completed it in 2013 where after I attained the position of a full Lecturer. 

Three years after this, my thirst for knowledge pushed me to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy at the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) and graduated in April, 2017.  Next, I advanced to a Masters in Management Studies (Public Policy) at UMI and will be graduating in April, 2019. 

KGT: Wow, you’re a living legend indeed. So we’ve learned that you’ve extended this excellence to marketing KIU as well. Tell us more about that?

Dr. Ssekajugo: My 12 years of teaching experience has enabled me to build a great deal of social capital and influence from my educands all over the region. I’m basically using this unique position to promote my great Alma Mater.

KGT: Surely, you’ve accomplished a lot. What’s the most important lesson that you want to share with your educands graduating this June?

Dr. Ssekajugo: To the students who are studying under obscurity, when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a beautiful butterfly. Proceed because success in never negotiated. It is worked for.  Education above all, makes us get closer to God and later through humility we are called children of God.

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