KIU Teaching Hospital Acquires Temperature Gun and Shifts Nursing Station to Entrance


By Collins Kakwezi

Nurses screening patients at the entrance of the hospital

Kampala International University Teaching Hospital has procured a temperature gun and shifted the nursing station to the entrance of the hospital in moves aimed at reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The Executive Director of the Hospital, Prof. Robinson Ssebuufu said the hospital was taking the issue of the Coronavirus seriously and that is why they decided to acquire the temperature gun, also known as an infrared thermometer, to take people’s temperatures from the entrance.

“Everybody, including staff, will be subjected to screening as they come in. Those found to be with high temperatures will be directed to A&E (Accident and Emergency unit) for further assessment,” Prof. Ssebuufu said.

Meanwhile, the nursing station has also been shifted to the entrance of the hospital, to aid in the screening of patients.

The Principal Nursing Officer, KIU Teaching Hospital, Sr Elizabeth Kamahoro said this was done to ease the screening of patients.

Previously, the hospital had two triage (screening) centres at the A&E and Out-patient Department (OPD) but the hospital administration decided it was better to have one uniform centre.

“The Nursing station has shifted for easy identification of people so that those with high temperatures can be sent to A&E and the other patients can go to OPD,” Sr Kamahoro said.

Fever is one of the key indicators of COVID-19, with the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) stipulating that anyone with a temperature above 37.6% should be screened further for the disease.

Acquisition of the temperature gun by KIU Teaching Hospital is the latest in a series of measures taken to follow the Ministry’s directives on combating COVID-19, which has been confirmed in 44 people in Uganda.

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