By Mordecai Muriisa Martin, Jr.

I advise all Ugandans to heed to the President’s and ministry of health’s precautionary measures as we stand together to fight this pandemic and I’m convinced we shall defeat it, it’s such a serious one that a young country like Uganda her citizens find it difficult to adhere to the guidelines put up because of the nature of these guidelines that takes away what they’re used to but we have no option but to remind ourselves every time to adhere.

I understand we are fighting a global pandemic, it’s big that we have to be strict and very aggressive, however on the other hand I don’t think the aggression of our law enforcers should get to a level of beating up our mothers and fathers like this, I know many of you will say why didn’t they heed to the Presidential directive, I never had the President telling enforcers to beat up people what I think is that they chose to do what they feel is good.

Had they deployed these men on the streets where our people work from I don’t they we would have cases of running around beating them up, and some of them being robbed of their products.

I am standing to be advised as I get disappointed why canning people has always been an immediate action taken on by law enforcers every time they have to ensure adherence to such guidelines?

I was raised by a woman who did almost these kind of small jobs to earn a living and take care of five boys, I know as they do these hard labour they have huge problems forcing them continue working, many can’t pay their house rent charges, they have huge infections that they can’t afford to pay for hospitals, they have to put food on the tables of their little ones on top of all other social challenges.

NB: I am not advocating for them to remain on streets but for the enforcers to find a way of getting them of the streets apart from beating them up.

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