We go the Extra Mile on Quality


Kampala International University is a chartered privately funded university in Uganda, founded in 2001 and a member of The Inter-University Council of East Africa, Association of African Universities, East African Quality Assurance Network and Uganda Universities Quality Assurance Form.

KIU offers quality, market driven and learner-centered education and therefore requires its schools, colleges, students and staff to act in a manner consistent with all applicable government standards, requirements and University Policies. The Directorate of Quality Assurance has an obligation to assist the University in improving governance and controls; to capture and document information across the institution, especially in areas related to compliance, controls, and monitoring at all levels in both academic and non-academic affairs.

Our values are transparency, discipline, inclusiveness, and creativity.

In order to ensure that effort is maximized in the appropriate channels, standards are set for performance improvement. KIU has a 15-person Quality Assurance Directorate headed by a Director and two (2) Deputies; one in charge of Data and other in charge of Teaching and Learning, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Exams.

For each College/ School, a Quality Assurance Monitor has been assigned and he/she furnishes the Directorate and the colleges /schools with a daily report about the respective colleges/schools. As we attempt to ensure and assure quality and good practice in the university, the following quality practices are considered;

  • Lecture attendance using an online monitoring tool
  • Monitoring 75% students attendance
  • Students evaluate their lecturers
  • Audit Committee of Academic and Administrative organs
  • Evaluation of non-teaching staff by their supervisors
  • Evaluation of administrators by lecturers
  • Evaluation of heads of department by their supervisors
  • Evaluation of modular teaching by students
  • Student exit survey
  • Tracer studies monitoring tool

This, therefore, defines the uniqueness of the Quality Assurance practice in Higher Education at Kampala International University.

The author is the Deputy Director Quality Assurance & Monitoring.

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