Fighting Coronavirus Together: Respiratory Etiquette is Key


By Susan Muhindo

KIU, Main Campus – The COVID-19 pandemic that is globally affecting countries and economies, and claiming lives, is not an airborne disease but rather, is transmitted through droplets, i.e. the small little particles of moisture/liquid spit out when one coughs or sneezes, immediately affecting anyone in close range.

Therefore, it is required of every individual to stay within one metre (3 to 4 feet) away, and avoid close contact with those suffering from flu or cough. 

In addition, by following precautions, one may survive if s/he washes hands with soap or cleans them regularly with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, does not touch their eyes, nose and mouth, and also remembers to use disinfectants on surfaces often touched or used by different individuals. Lastly, respiratory etiquette is key.

However, H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni advised the confinement of individuals to their places of residence in a bid to avert the spread of the virus, and also urged the people to always check on the World Health Organization (WHO) platforms for credible updates.

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