Increasing Access to Higher Education Through Bursaries


In the interest of helping and facilitating Ugandans to achieve higher levels of education, especially the less financially privileged, Kampala International University (KIU) established the Kampala International University Bursary Scheme (KIUBS) in 2014. Through the scheme, 16,000 students have been offered bursaries in the form of tuition fee discounts of up-to 50% for undergraduate courses in the diploma and bachelor’s degree programs. The bursaries are NOT FOR SALE. This is a cost sharing scheme between the university and the student beneficiary.

Every semester, a given number of slots are allocated to all the districts in Uganda depending on the population of the districts and the number of academic institutions in that particular district.

As of the January 2017 intake, 528 students have been awarded bursaries to enable them pursue the next level of their education. KIU understands that the value of education has got no price tag attached to it, for knowledge is power.

Granting a student the opportunity to advance their education while making a difference in this world is symbolic of our motto ‘exploring the heights.

The following are steps of getting a KIU bursary

  • Step 1: A student should apply and get admitted at KIU
  • Step 2: A student must pick his/her admission letter
  • Step 3: A student must go with a copy of the admission letter to their district LCV Chairman for recommendation for the KIU bursary. (Role of LCV recommendation letter is to reorganize that the student comes from that particular district).
  • Step 4: The student must then pay a 50% commitment fee of their initial tuition to show their ability to afford their part. However, in the preceding semesters, he/she may pay in installments but not later than six weeks after the semester commences.
  • Step 5: The student then submits a letter from the district, a copy of the admission letter, bank slip and valid ID to the Department of Customer Care and Bursaries at the Main Campus, Kampala and the Finance Office at the Western campus, Ishaka before the intake deadline.

The Department of Customer Care and Bursaries then gives the student an award letter meaning they can then embark on their studies.

For more information contact:  039-2001816 or send an email to [email protected]

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