The 4th KIU Inter-College Sports Competition


All roads led to the Kampala International University (KIU) sports grounds as the 4th Inter-College competitions commenced on 15th February, 2017.  It was indeed an exciting and exhilarating day for the KIU student community as the long awaited event was to go on for 4 days.

Teams representing their Faculties such as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Economics and Management, the School of Computing and Information Technology, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Law and the School of Education, all came together to compete for the number one spot in the categories of games which included Football, Netball, Basketball, Chess, Wood ball, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Tug of War (Rope Pulling).

The different faculties challenged each other and as the games got tougher, winners started to emerge qualifying for the next round of games. On the day of the grand finals, 18th February 2017, the School of Computing and Information Technology was the happier lot taking the 1st place in the competition. The second runner-up was the School of Engineering and Applied Science followed by the College of Economics and Management in 3rd place.

Talking to The KIU Giraffe Times, Hon. Kusemererwa James, the Sports Minister thought that the 2017 Inter-College Sports Gala was a successful encounter and although they faced a number of challenges like budget constraints and an inexperienced student organizing team, overall the entire sports competition went well.

Some student participants however felt differently. Sadat Mohammed from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences expressed his grievances about the way the scores were awarded, “I was sure that the School of Humanities was guaranteed to take the 2nd or 3rd position. It wouldn’t make sense to say School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Economics and Management beat us yet the scores show that we had more points”, Mohammed said.

The Sports Minister on the issue of the allegations about the false results had this to say, “I only wish that the complainants had brought this up immediately because rule 10 of the constitution stipulates that the sports Minister has the final say in a scenario like this” said Kusemererwa.  Nevertheless, he promised to investigate the issue.

Joshua Kashonza, Assistant Sports Tutor mentioned that this year’s games had numerous challenges and that if there were any grievances; the Sports Office is always open to handle such issues.

The competition was concluded with an award winning ceremony which was graced by the Dean of Students, Mrs Karwana Jovia.  The Guild President, Ms Comfort Ndagire was also present to show her support to the participating students.  The School of Computing and Information Technology won a bull and a trophy while the second runners-up were awarded with a trophy and a goat while the third runners-up walked away with a trophy.

That wrapped up the 2017 Inter-College Sports Competition, until next year, congratulations to the winners.

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