KIU Signs World Class Research Partnership with ARBONE


Kampala International University signed a world class partnership with African borderlands research network (ABORNE), as part of the university’s commitment to boost and support research in all areas to bring about positive development.

ABORNE is an inter-disciplinary network of researchers interested in all aspects of international borders and trans-boundary phenomena in Africa. According to Professor Paul Nutgent from the University of Edinburgh, the main emphasis is largely on borderlands as physical spaces and social spheres, but the network is also concerned with theregional flow of people and goods as well as economic and social processes that may be located at some distance from the geographical border.

Professor George Nasinyama, KIU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellorfor Research and Innovations welcomed and acknowledged this partnership. He expressed the belief that it presents infinite opportunities for advancement of staff, Ph.D., and master students interested in borderland research since the program brings together established scholars with aninternational reputation in the field and doctoral students.

Through this cutting-edge research exchange, workshops seminars and joint publications between KIU and ABORNE,common theoretical perspectives on African borderlands will be developed and communicated to scholars, policy makers, and students. In the big picture, it will contribute to an improved understanding of states and their borderlands in general and inform important policy decisions in Europe, Africa and elsewhere.

Its activities are designed to facilitate a sustainable in-depth exchange among researchers and policy makers around clearly defined topics and to produce a maximum output of high-quality publications that will define the research field for the foreseeable future.

Professor Nasinyama called upon all those concerned to embrace this new partnership and utilize it to their advantage. He opines that through research, a lot of progress can be reached to bring about development. It’s widely believed that through research, new knowledge is generated hence enabling progress.

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