KIU Signs World Class Strategic Partnership to Prepare Students for the Modern Work Place


The 21st of October 2016 was indeed a joyful day for both Kampala international university and Vodafone because a 12-month MOU was signed between the two parties. All this happened at the KIU library board room in the presence of thepress and top administrators.

Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo, the KIU Vice Chancellor said the partnership is key to growth and has a lot to offer students and the business community.

He added that with its entrepreneurship scheme, students will be encouraged to take up entrepreneurship and also enhance their skills in preparation for their future work. He is sure that, that is exactly what KIU needs to produce highly effective students for the modern workplace.

In high spirits, he welcomed and invited the CEO of Vodafone, Mr. John Ndego whose said among other things that Vodafone has a student ambassador programme and graduate programme which will provide students opportunity to work with a world-class provider offering a 4G next generation network and to Understand the culture of the workplace as they pursue employment in the future. He also mentioned that Vodafone was going to make the university a hotspot for fast and reliable internet.

Vodafone Uganda joined the Vodafone family in 2014,deploying the latest wireless broadband technology to enable businesses,households and individuals to access high-speed internet services wherever they are with a vision to empower everybody to be confidently connected. The signing of the MOU is definitely one of those ways this vision will be realized and with no doubt will improve communication on the campus.

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