Message from the Chairman Board of Trustees


This is a special year as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Kampala International University. As reflected in the institution’s name, we started in 2001 with a clear vision of becoming a university of international repute. Indeed, there is power in a name. That is exactly what KIU has become in the first 15 years of existence. It is not by accident that over the past couple of years, local and national university rankings consistently place KIU among the top seven universities, and particularly, the leading private university in Uganda. The fact that KIU now attracts students from 22 countries in Africa and beyond attests to the university’s growing international repute. And this has been a result of dedication, sacrifice, commitment, and support by the various stakeholders including the students, staff, management, the university council, the board of trustees, governments, and the general public. We cannot thank them enough. We have made some mistakes too and we have learned invaluable lessons for a better future.The commitment and support mentioned above have enabled us to achieve unusual success within such a short period of 15 years. From experience, we now have an even clearer sense of what is possible and we will confront the future with greater ambition and determination. As the Board of Trustees, we are resolved to doing all within our means to take KIU to the leading edge in higher education.We now have in place the building blocks for evolving the institution into a world-class university. This is our strategic vision for a forthcoming couple of years and we have started working tirelessly towards it.

The Board of Trustees will duly support the University Council and Management in building KIU into a strong brand to make our alumni proud of their alma mater. We will become the ‘University of Choice’ for students and scholars in search of excellence on the African continent. We will transform ourselves into an entrepreneurial university characterized by continuous innovation and excellence in all our services. We will be reputed for relevant research and high-quality academics linked to innovative community engagement. KIU will be known as a source of solutions to the challenges confronting society. Our graduates will be highly entrepreneurial and coveted in the labor market. This is the challenge that the Board of Trustees has laid before the University Council and the Management Team. Finally, as we launch the maiden issue of The KIU Giraffe Times, I wish to applaud the students’body for this long overdue initiative. This entrepreneurial spirit among students is one of the core attributes we are committed to nurturing. I thank the University Management for nurturing and supporting such students’ initiatives. We would like to see the university characterized by hundreds of such projects in every school/college.

Happy birthday to The KIU Giraffe Times!


Hassan Basajjabalaba,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Kampala International University

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